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Nikki Foxall
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Are you interested in a career in reinsurance?  Join Everest Re’s 18 month trainee underwriting assistant programme in Zurich! This is a fantastic opportunity for smart, intuitive, inquisitive minds to join a leading global financial organisation that is genuinely passionate about the development of our entry level employees and future leaders.  We pride ourselves on nurturing talent and kick-starting lifelong careers in a professional, exciting, and long-standing industry.

Our underwriting assistants provide dedicated support to the underwriters, carrying out administrative tasks and providing the data and information they need to complete the underwriting process.  This is a varied role which offers a great foundation for an insurance / reinsurance career. At the same time as providing administrative support, underwriting assistants develop underwriting skills themselves, through working closely with underwriters and using the same guidelines, processes and systems. This opportunity will align to our Marine team but give you the chance to work with other classes of reinsurance too.

For over 40 years, Everest has been a global leader in reinsurance with a broad footprint, deep client relationships, underwriting excellence, responsive service, and customized solutions. We are ranked in the Top Ten Reinsurers worldwide working in a market valued at $498.7 billion in 2021… this is a huge financial and risk focused industry and Zurich is a focal marketplace in which Everest Re is a key player.  Our opportunity provides a leading programme with hands-on learning. You will work alongside some of the best reinsurance professionals in the market supporting them as an Underwriting Assistant.  We provide the tools to enable you to thrive in our Programme!

Here’s what our current Underwriting Assistants have to say since joining in 2022…

“A big focus on development of the employees.  I am working independently in a knowledgeable, pragmatic and extremely supportive team and office, and I love how I learn by ‘doing’.”

“It has been a very positive experience so far because from day one I felt welcomed and supported in every way.  I'm looking forward to what's to come! I especially love the easy-going culture, good working conditions, flexibility and benefits. I feel comfortable in the Zurich office since it is a nice atmosphere with a management team that is empathetic and always open for a chat and who offer transparent communication.  My colleagues are very helpful and it is great I am offered training to develop further, so I'm prepared for a good future.  This placement has offered an interesting insight in the real work life world instead of just studying. I am genuinely developing practical skills while "learning by doing", and also being treated like everyone else and not just as an "intern". It was the best decision to come to Everest and I'm very thankful for the opportunity!”

“A challenging experience during the busy December/January renewal season, but an extremely rewarding feeling because you can feel the impact of your work for the office/team!”

So, what is reinsurance? 

Essentially, it’s the insurance of insurance but here at Everest we reinsurance special high value risks across different classes of business such as Marine, Aviation, Property, Employers Liability, Medical Malpractice, Accident & Health, Engineering and Cyber… not the standard car, home and pet coverage you might think of when you hear the word ‘insurance’. The Insurers that are our clients might insure Messi’s left foot, a space shuttle launch, a cargo ship transporting luxury cars, the Ed Sheeran Tour, or a thousand residential properties on the coast of Florida.

When the worst happens, a policyholder is reliant on their Insurer to help them recover and move forward. But what happens when a hurricane hits the USA, a major music festival is cancelled because of Covid, or a CEO’s ill-timed tweet plunges a company’s share price? Thematic events like this can result in huge losses for Insurers and that is where reinsurance comes in.

The job of the insurance underwriter is to select, price and optimise a portfolio of such risks. Our job as the reinsurance underwriter is to assess these insurers, and their risks.  Our actuaries price risk and analyse trends and numerical data, and our claims experts investigate claims.

The role of an Underwriting Assistant

In this role you will be part of the Everest Reinsurance Continental European team specialising in Property and Casualty reinsurance. The successful candidate will be able to work on a very broad range of tasks and directly assist the Underwriting team.  

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Underwriting Support and Analysis work for the underwriting teams:
    • Trip preparation and trip follow up
    • Client management and market reviews
    • Reporting tasks
    • Internal communication with other departments (Accounting, Claims, IT, etc).
    • Desk research on specific topics
  • Prepare and assist the underwriter on treaty renewals
    • Data preparation
    • Check of contractual documents
    • Analysis of treaties and portfolios
  • Administration and compliance
    • Data entry and maintenance in the data and accounting systems.
  • Assistance on specific projects management tasks.

Qualifications, Education & Experience:

  • Started the PWA-Wirtschaftsprogramm
  • Other studies a plus
  • Good Excel and MS Office skills
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, organisational and communication skills
  • Interested to learn and contribute
  • Keen interest to develop
  • Languages: Fluent in English. Strong skills in French and/or German. Other European languages is an advantage.

The placements will start at the end of July / early August.

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